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CSI NSIT, more formally known as “Computer Society of India” NSIT chapter, is a non-profit organisation that exhorts students and professionals to discover, discuss on and deliberate over the ever expanding spectrum of technology with special focus on computer science and information technology related fields.
The society has always worked to impart technical skills to its members by holding various workshops, Special Interest Groups(SIGs) and more. Being one of the most active societies of NSIT, it also encourages young minds by holding various technical competitions.

About Techelon

CSI NSIT has been organising Techelon annually, an inter-college technical festival that offers a platform for innovative thinking and incredible problem-solving.
With a wide range of competitions, Techelon offers immense opportunities to challenge your thinking abilities.
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Events Schedule

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  • Euclid's DiLEMMA

    A coding contest where mathematics and coding expertise go hand in hand. Participants will be given programmable problems based on Number Theory, Combinatorics, Algebra and many other fields of mathematics.

    Venue : NSIT Date : Apr-05-2018 Duration : 14:30–17:30 More Details Register Here

  • Codezilla

    All programming champs and problem solving enthusiasts are invited to the ultimate battle of wits and logic - Codezilla, our traditional on-site programming contest.

    Venue : NSIT Date : Apr-05-2018 Duration : 10:00–13:00 More Details Register Here

  • Knockouts

    A coding event based on the survival of the fittest. In this race against time, participants solve problems to stay in top half of the rank list. They stay alive in the contest so long as they manage to remain in the top half.

    Venue : NSIT Date : Apr-06-2018 Duration : 10:00–13:00 More Details Register Here

  • BroCODE

    True progress in any field is a result of teamwork and a ‘Relay-race’ tests exactly that. Your individual commitment to a group makes your team work. At a time, only one participant from every team codes in isolation.

    Venue : NSIT Date : Apr-06-2018 Duration : 14:30–17:30 More Details Register Here

  • Technically yours

    With letters to “Dear xyz” reigning social media these days, our content event urges writers hidden within geeks to address open letters to anything/anyone that’s technical. Be it a letter to an iPhone or that to a semi-colon.

    Venue : Online Date : Till Apr-06-2018 More Details Mail at: csi@nsitonline.in

  • Cryptic hunt Enigmata :

    Techelon’s flagship event. A full-fledged hunt that tests participants on their out of the box thinking and their ability to dissolve the labyrinth of mind-blowing clues. Googling is the only required skill!

    Venue : Online Date : Apr-05-2018 Duration : Starts at 10:00 More Details Register Here

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